Gearlink Kawasaki - Rider Line-up

Ben Wilson

Championship:British Supersport
Marital Status:Girlfriend
Date of Birth:17/05/1995
Home Town:Glengarry, Victoria
Height:5ft 9 inches
1st Race:My First race was on the dirt at the age of 8 (2003) My first road race was in (2012) at the age of 17
Likes:All sports!
Favourite day:Race days!
Most Respected Rival:Tarran Mackenzie
All Time Rider:Chad Reed
Favourite Drink:Starbucks Chocolate Cream
Favourite Food:Chicken Pasta
Hobbies:Motocross, Golf and Training
Favourite Music:Just your average Pop music
Favourite Circuits:All of them, but in particular, Jerez in Spain.

Ross Twyman

Championship:British Supersport Championship
Marital Status:SIngle
Date of Birth:18/11/1995
Home Town:Wingham, near Canterbury
1st Race:Mallory Park 2009
Likes:Hot weather, cycling, challenges
Dislikes:Untidiness, being cold!
Most Respected Rival:Jack Kennedy
All Time Rider:Casey Stoner
Favourite Drink:Blackcurrant juice
Favourite Food:Nandos
Favourite Music:Anything good!
Favourite Circuits:Silerstone and Assen