Luck of the Irish? 


After a bit of a mid season break from the Thor British Youth Nationals championship it was back to action for Team Green at the brilliant Desertmartin track in Northern Ireland. Unfortunately though, one young man light with Dylan Woodcock now out for the rest of the season after breaking his collarbone whilst in America. 

Coming into round four of the Thor British Youth Nationals the KX85 had won more races than any other brand in both the big and smaller classes and we're happy to say it remains that way, but unfortunately there was no overall win this time around. Jed Etchells rode another great weekend, even though a sickness bug and a puncture held him back and prevented him from winning the overall, just missing out by two points and finishing second overall. Lewis Hall was also flying all weekend and unfortunately for him a front wheel puncture also ruined his chances of the overall, after winning three of the six races he finished third overall. Joel Rizzi had a mixed weekend. Again some solid rides up the field from some bad starts, but a couple of crashes cost him badly keeping him outside the top 10 for the first time this year. 

Jeff Perrett - Team Manager

"We may not have won any overalls this weekend and we may not be leading the championships anymore but I'm really proud of these kids and they way they've handled some bad luck. They're working so hard and we've just had some genuine bad luck. Jed was awesome again. He was feeling really rough but he toughed it out on a rough track and if it wasn't for a puncture he would've been rewarded with his first overall win of the year. Lewis was hauling and showed what he's all about, when the going gets tough he really does get going. After coming off his second broken thumb this year and having a bit of time off the bike he looked sharp. Joel just needs to be cut a bit of a break at the moment. He's trying so hard and riding well but he's not quite nailing his starts and then maybe trying a little too hard to cut through the field, but it will come. He looks sublime on the bike and I'm under no illusion it's his first year on the team and in the 85cc class. He's shown me more than enough of where he's going and what he can become.” 

Jed Etchells - #7 Big Wheeled KX85

"I'm getting closer to that overall win, but I'm a little bit disappointed I never won this weekend. It's just a bit of bad luck again what with being sick all through the night on Saturday and then getting the puncture. I felt good out and front and relaxed and I know I can win now, my confidence is better than it was and I'm ready to go out on a high in that last round.”

Lewis Hall - #9 Small Wheeled KX85

"I loved the track, it was sick. It was rough and sandy and it was just good to be back riding after a few weeks off with my broken thumb. I was unlucky to have a puncture but that's just how it's been a little bit this year. I've won a lot of races and then had little bits of bad luck like that which has held me back, but that luck will change soon I'm sure. I'm really looking forward to the last round because it's at Fatcat and that's my local track. I'll be going for the wins in every race there because I don't have to think about protecting a championship lead.” 

Joel Rizzi - #912 Small Wheeled KX85 

"I had a ok-ish weekend. Desertmartin is an amazing track, I loved it, but I didn't ride it as well as I could've and tasted it too often. I crashed in two of the races having to make risky passes because I can't get off the start at the moment, then I had a mechanical issue in the last race but apart from that I'm well happy with my riding. I just need to sort my starts out for the rest of the year and I'll be up there mixing it for wins and podiums.” 


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