Team Green off to a winning start!

With both Lewis Hall and Dylan Woodcock both making their rookie debuts after moving up classes for 2017 the first round of outdoor racing was always going to be interesting, and it was to say the least! Lewis came away leading the Maxxis MXY2 British championship, while Dylan had a real baptism of fire on his pro MX debut.

In the first MXY2 moto Lewis got a good start inside the top five and rode solid and smart to work his way into second by the half way point. Race leader Jake Edey had pulled out a healthy lead and Lewis pushed to catch him but he soon realised it was a tall ask and settled it down to take a second. Knowing a win in the second moto would give him the overall Lewis was charged to take an awesome debut overall win, but he didn't get the start in the second moto he was hoping for, gating just outside the top 10 through the first few turns. True to his nickname 'Animal' quickly went to work and incredibly by the end of the first full lap had worked his way to the front. As the race went on he controlled the pace and held his nerve on the last couple of laps when fellow Kawasaki rider Keenan Hird started to apply pressure as he also had a chance of the overall win, but Lewis didn't falter under pressure to cross the line for his rookie debut win.

Dylan was calm and ready for his debut in the pro ranks but it didn't get off to good start, in fact it good off to a bad one. In muddy conditions Dylan couldn't replicate the good starts he was getting in the Arenacross tour and found himself down in 27th position on the opening lap, not the place to be when you're in with the big boys. He started to move up the field a little bit before he was forced to throw his googles but that was the beginning of a downward slide and he came home disappointed in 31st. Keen to improve in his second moto and with the nerves out of the way he had a much better ride, battling from another poor start in 29th position on the opening lap, he fought hard to move himself up to 15th at the flag and score his first pro points.

Jeff Perrett - Team Green manager

“After all the hard work of the Arenacross series and madness that brings it's nice to be back out in the great outdoors, it's just a shame it had to be in these conditions, but that's the lottery of motocross. Coming in I knew both Lewis and Dylan had worked hard so I had no issues there and told them both to enjoy the experience of their debuts in new, tougher classes and I think they both did, Lewis more than Dylan obviously! For a 14 year old Lewis rode such a mature couple of motos, that's what impressed me more than anything. His raw speed doesn't surprise me anymore, I've kind of got used to seeing him turn that on when needed. We worked hard and talked loads about race craft and race management, he's been listening and working at and it shone through this weekend. If he keeps working as hard as he is at the moment the kid has a bright future. He was racing against lads 3-4 years older than him and he looked one of the most mature riders out there. I'm made up for him and his family, they deserve it because they work hard at it.

“I always knew this would be an eye opening weekend for Dylan. Making your pro debut just is and harder than many realise. You can always compare lap times to pros when you're practicing or racing in the MXY2 but when you make the step up you soon find out the pros turn out those laps times consistently and are far more aggressive and less forgiving. Unfortunately for Dylan his starts let him down a little and that made a tough job much harder. Once he chucked his goggles in the opening moto he was on a hiding to nothing, but he'll learn from that. His second moto was much stronger and indication that he will fight for it. He made up 14 positions to make the top 15 and score points at the first round and I've seen plenty of rookies come away from the opening round with nothing so that's the positive we'll take and build on going into Lyng. It's always good to come out of the opening round with no major issues and everyone healthy. We've got it out of the way now and know where we are at.”

Lewis Hall #19 - KX250F

“It's been a good day and of course I'm pleased with how it went. I've worked really hard doing a load of starts over the winter and trying different techniques  so I'm pleased that paid off as much as the result really. Jeff and my mechanic Shawn have been telling me the importance of it and how I won't always be able to cut through the pack as I move up through the classes, even though I love trying to do that! Being near the front from the start is a habit I want to get into. In the first moto I didn't go mad early on and just tried to settle into a good rhythm because it was the first race of the year and I didn't want to do anything stupid. When I got into second I pushed for a few laps to close in on Jake but I knew I'd have to push even harder to really close on him so I settled back down and brought it home for a second. I felt relaxed going into the second moto and felt good so I got my head down and charged and soon got to the front but then it was hard, I knew I had a chance of winning the overall on my debut. Keenan really started to push and those last few laps I really had to focus and keep calm but I was really nervous. So it was more relief than excitement when first crossed the line! It's a great start to the championship but I won't get carried away, it's just one round and there's another four to go. I have to take them one at a time but I'm looking forward to going to Lyng for the first time, it's fast and quite sandy and that suits me even more. I'm really happy, the team is so good and I love being a part of it and representing all the people that support me and the rest of the lads.”

Dylan Woodcock #60 - KX250F

“That was tough. I kind of knew it would be but it's not until you get out there and realise there's no let up and you can't afford to make any mistakes at all otherwise you lose a load of positions. My starts let me down today and didn't help. I think if I could've got much better starts I could've been swept along so I'll be looking to do that at the next round. The first race just didn't go to plan at all, a bad start and then getting roosted with mud and having to chuck my googles off pretty much ended it for me, I was a long way back at that point and with no goggles it just couldn't get going. I'll learn from that, maybe if that happens again I'll have to pit and get fresh goggles. I was much happier after the second moto though. At least I went forward from a bad start and scored some points on my debut, so I'll take that and work on scoring points in both motos next time out. I know this is going to be tough but it's where I want to be, so I know I've got to keep working hard, harder than I have before if I'm going to get anywhere. I know I've got a good team and sponsors behind me and I'm thankful of that, I want to keep trying to repay them.”