Sweet 16

It was yet another winning weekend for Team Green Kawasaki, this time at a fast and rough Sherwood MX track, near Mansfield. Lewis Hall continued his domination of the Michelin MX Nationals MXY2 class with another clean sweep of moto wins, making it 16 out of 16 on his KX250F. His younger teammate, Bobby Bruce also had another good weekend making the podium in third in the 85cc class on his KX85. Eldest team member Dylan Woodcock fought hard to a ninth place in the opening MX2 pro moto but a crash took him out of moto two.

Jeff Perrett - Team Manager

“I'm almost running out of superlatives for Lewis. A lot of people are coming up to me and talking about him and how well he's doing. I say pretty much the same thing all the time…..he earns it! He's focused and trains hard so it's no surprise to me that he's been winning, but even I didn't expect him to be so dominant. Whatever happens from here for the rest of the series, he's proved he's got the definite potential to go all the way to GP level. He'll stay grounded and still keep taking it one race at a time. If he wins them all, then that will be cool and one hell of an achievement. If he doesn't, but still wins the championship then that's what really matters.

“It was good to see Dylan working his way back to race fitness this weekend. He looked neat and tidy, and now he just needs to stay injury free for the rest of the season and work hard. Making the step up to MX2 pro is really tough and you need to be fit and keep plugging away every weekend to start to get the pace and fitness. He went in the right direction in the first moto after a poor start and got a ninth in his class. Unfortunately he binned it mid way through the second and rang his bell pretty hard, but he's okay and will be ready to go for the next British championship at Blaxhall.

“Bobby rode so well again this weekend. We've made more improvement to the bike and he ripped out of the gate which has given him more confidence. He struggled with blisters on his hands but got on it with regardless and fought hard for every position and point. He is strong minded and determined to keep improving. We never lose sight that he's one of the youngest in the class and that we're gearing up for the EMX85 championship next year. I have every confidence that Bobby will get stronger and stronger as the season comes to a close. It's been a good learning year in the class and with us as his new team. I'm really pleased with how he's done and how he's applied himself.”

Dylan Woodcock - #600 - KX250F

“That was tough out there, but a lot of fun. I tried to get relaxed and flow as soon as I got out there and I felt pretty good. I got a rubbish start and had to push so hard. There's nowhere to rest on this track, it's so rough, technical and fast. It was pretty intense out there. I was relatively happy with the first moto because at least I went forward and not backwards. The second moto was going pretty much the same as the first but then I just got pitched off and hit my head. I got back on but I felt dizzy after that so I pulled out before I did myself more damage.”

Lewis Hall - #19 - KX250F

“It was good fun out there this weekend. The track was one of the roughest and fastest of the year and I really enjoyed it. I did my first ever race here and broke my leg really bad that day, so it definitely went better this time! I got another four holeshots and tried to ride smart and just grind out the laps. I made it hard work in the third moto by crashing twice, so I was annoyed with that but other than that it was another good weekend. I've got eight races to go at the MX Nationals and I would to win them all, but I won't think about that too much and just keep doing what I've been doing. If it happens and I get a perfect season then great, but the championship is more important to me.”

Bobby Bruce - #579 - KX85

“That was awesome, but really hard. My hands are so sore and I was struggling to hold on more and more each race but I wasn't going to quit on it because of that. I got some awesome starts this weekend and I'm happy with that because I haven't been lately. We've made changes to the bike and now I'm starting in a different gear and it's made such a difference. I can now race for wins rather than have to try and cut through the pack for the first few laps. There's some of my favourite tracks coming up and I've also got the world junior championship at the end of the month in Estonia, then I'm on my school holidays, so I'm really looking forward to the next couple of months.”