Team Green Kawasaki 2019 Rider Line-Up

Find out more about our team riders for the 2019, six round Arenacross Tour, heading to Belfast, Birmingham and Sheffield!

Greg Aranda

Championship:Arenacross Pro Class
Marital Status:Girlfriend
Date of Birth:03/09/1987
Home Town:Devizes
1st Race:Southwest Champs when I was 4 years old!
Likes:Anything to do with bikes
Favourite:The feeling of adrenaline
Most Respected Rival:Thomas Ramette
All Time Rider:Jeremy McGrath
Favourite Drink:Mountain Dew
Favourite Food:Pizza
Hobbies:Road biking, pool, table tennis
Favourite Music:Hip Hop
Favourite Circuits:Belfast Arena

Jack Brunell

Championship:Arenacross Pro Class
Marital Status:Married
Date of Birth:18/11/1989
Home Town:Windsor, Berkshire
Height:5ft 9in
1st Race:Slough, Ace Riders
Likes:Food, ice cream, sweets
Most Respected Rival:Antonio Cairoli
All Time Rider:Jeremy McGrath
Favourite Drink:Blue Bubblegum Milkshake
Favourite Food:Chicken Fajitas
Hobbies:Keeping fit, home renovation
Favourite Music:Ed Sheeran
Favourite Circuits:Cusses Gorse MX

Joe Clayton

Championship:Pro Lites Class
Marital Status:In a relationship
Date of Birth:09/07/1997
Home Town:Totnes, Devon
1st Race:Wrangaton
Likes:Riding Dirt Bikes
Favourite:My family
Most Respected Rival:Anyone who gives respect back
All Time Rider:Ryan Dungey
Favourite Drink:Monster Energy
Favourite Food:Mum's Spag Bol!
Hobbies:Motocross, Trials, Surfing
Favourite Music:AC/DC
Favourite Circuits:Wheeldon Off-Road Centre, Whitby MX