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After weeks of non championship racing they're now coming thick and fast for Kawasaki Team Green. Following the 100% national podium record for the team at last weekend's British Youth Nationals the team travelled to Canada Heights, Kent, for the fifth round of the inaugural MX Nationals…..and the podium record is still 100%! 

The bad news was that the team was a rider light with Jed Etchells out for the next two to three weeks with shoulder ligament damage following his hard fall that the British Youth Nationals. We wish him well with his recovery and look forward to having him back under the awning soon. Going into Canada Heights Jed's big wheeled KX85 teammate Dylan Woodcock was confident of winning as ever, especially following the news that he has been given an entry into the Monster Cup in Las Vegas in October! That coupled with the fact that he had a healthy 57 point lead in the series and Canada Heights is one of his favourite circuits all looked good. It looked much better for Lewis Hall, our small wheeled KX85 racer too. Lewis had been really struggling with a bad chest infection for over three weeks but came into the weekend almost back to his usual self. After four tough motos on a very rough circuit both Dylan and Lewis ended up second overall in their respective classes. 

Jeff Perrett - Team Manager

"It's been yet another good weekend but there's another three to get through this month so we've got to keep the momentum rolling without trying to get too burned out. Dylan in fact has four events because he's racing in the World Junior championship next weekend in Belgium. He again rode very well. He fluffed the first moto start big time and had to work really hard, which he did and got all the way up to second. His starts improved a hell of a lot after that but he still had a couple of first lap incidents that he got hung up in and that cost him potential race wins in motos two and three. In fact in moto three he and Brett Pocock received a time penalty and that pushed them both down a spot. It made him mad, but he had to accept it, and he was all fired up for the last moto to really prove a point. In that last moto he was pretty dominant coming from behind to win and pull away and although he didn't win overall he's extended his points lead. Lewis was definitely back! He was ripping through the turns and just looking like the Lewis we had up until a month or so ago. I'm so pleased with his progress for a first year 85cc rider. I can visually see his confidence growing, especially over the jumps and technical sections. I've always been so impressed with his corner speed and desire, now we're seeing him improve technically it's an absolute pleasure. The only disappointment was the final moto when a little pebble got stuck in his sprocket and derailed the chain. He got it back on and finished though, so that showed his mentality, he didn't throw his arms around or quit and that speaks volumes about his attitude.” 

Dylan Woodcock #60 - Big Wheeled KX85

"I really like Canada Heights and I'm a bit disappointed not to win but I have extended my points lead which is good. It was good to race against Taylor Hammel and compare my speed because he's been doing the European 85cc championship and even won races, so to run with him was good. If it wasn't for the timed penalty I would've won the overall but I showed in the last race that I can run with the top guys in Europe so I'm really looking forward to the World championship next weekend. I was annoyed about the time penalty because both me and Brett felt we slowed down enough to be safe. Oh well, next time I'll know to go much slower, I guess me and Brett were just really caught up in our battle.”

Lewis Hall #9 - Small Wheeled KX85

"I felt much better and faster this weekend. The track was really bumpy and had some big ruts that I could really try and get on the gas in. I need to get better at ruts and hard pack. I've learned to ride in the sand at Fatcat really so we need to find some more hard pack tracks near home to practice on. My starts were better too now I've got a routine that I learnt from Jeff Emig at the Ricky Carmichael Univeristy. I'm really looking forward to the rest of the races now I'm feeling better again, it's been hard at the last few ones because I've been tired and it's been difficult to breathe. My next race is Milton Park and that's real hard pack so hopefully before then I can find some hard track to practice on.” 
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