Fight against attrition

It was a tough weekend for Team Green at round four of the British Youth Nationals at Milton Park, just outside of Northampton this past weekend. Not that the team didn't expect it with Jed Etchells and Lewis Hall both coming into the event carrying shoulder injuries.

It was Jed's first ride back after his slam at the previous round and Lewis had a midweek practice tumble where he also tweaked his shoulder. Dylan Woodcock however was fit and raring to go after his solid performance in the Junior World championships and then two days of riding at the 2015 KX try out days. Lying second in the series after working his way up from ninth after a first round DNF due to a broken spark plug, Dylan was confident of pegging back points on series leader Keenan Hird, but it wasn't to be.

After clawing back points on Keenan after the first three motos Dylan unfortunately suffered another DNF due to an electrical problem in the fourth moto of the weekend which realistically has ended his chances of winning the championship. He still managed to finish sixth overall even with a DNF, just ahead of a gutsy Jed who brought it home in seventh. It was a challenge for Jed around a track littered with jumps but he toughed it out with determined rides in all seven motos, even a bloody nose after getting a rock in the face didn't deter him. Lewis Hall also showed plenty of character following his mid week crash as he battled on for sixth overall in the small wheeled 85cc class. His lap times were good enough to see him higher and with better starts he no doubt would've finished higher up overall, but like Jed was struggling with some pain and weakness in his shoulder throughout the race.

Jeff Perrett - Team Manager

"This has arguably been our worse weekend of the year so far with the lads in sixth and seventh overall respectively. If our worse is just outside the top five it's a testament to how we're coming along and our desire to drive forward with our programme. I've got nothing but praise for all of them, they all rode their socks off. You can only give 100% and that's exactly what all of them gave. Jed dug deeper than ever to tough it out, he had an awesome ride in the final moto on day one and was arguably the quickest in that race on a consistent basis. I think as the day went on his shoulder loosened up a bit and the pain killers worked more. His shoulder was stiff and sore for Sunday morning again though, he did what he could. Dylan rode so hard to catch up ground, not just in the championship but in the races. His starts are getting better each week, but still not quite good enough to get a holeshot and then he had to work hard. The track at Milton isn't the best for racing as many would agree and that was proved in all classes. It was difficult to make up time and even more difficult to pass. Towards the end of each moto Dylan's fitness showed and he closed in on the riders in front but just couldn't get passed. Then the DNF really finished his chance of a podium and possibly the championship. He's just got to go for it and try and win all seven races at the last round and hope the others have bad luck. Lewis rode good yet again, especially considering he also had a sore shoulder. Starts are an issue though and that's our number one objective to work on for next season. He's an out and out racer who loves to mix it up so he loves coming through the field but I wish he didn't have to! The final round is in the sand at Leuchars, so I'm sure he'll be ripping around there. He's great in sand but needs to practice more hard pack riding.”

Dylan Woodock #60 - Big Wheeled KX85

"I'm proper gutted. I started to gain points back on Keenan only to have another DNF that wasn't my fault. I know it happens sometimes and it can happen to anyone but it's still rubbish when it happens to you. I tried all I could and pulled through but it was just so hard to pass. I was going everywhere on the track but there's only one good, fast line around this place and everyone uses it. My starts were better again, but still not good enough and this weekend that would've made the difference. I'm now just all in for the last round, I've got nothing to lose so I'll just lay it on thick.”

Jed Etchells #7 - Big Wheeled KX85

"I wasn't sure if I was going to race this weekend but I went riding on Wednesday and decided to give it a go. It was really sore and hurt quite a bit but I really wanted to race. I tried my best and I'm pleased with how I rode considering I'm not 100%. I lost a lot of points at the last round when I hurt my shoulder and I want to try and finish this championship as high up as I can in my first year. Hopefully I can get back in the top five at the final round.”

Lewis Hall #9 - Small Wheeled KX85

"This weekend was okay. I know I need to ride and practice on hard pack tracks more, I don't feel as good on them as I do in sand. I tried really hard and my shoulder was hurting a bit and making it more difficult at times but I still enjoyed it and I got more used to the track every race. Jeff and my dad said that my starts make it more difficult for me and I know they're right, I need to get better at them so I can race for wins more like I was at the beginning of the year. It's been such a good year for me though being a Team Green rider, I've learned a lot in my first year in the small wheeled class. I love my bike and being on the team, everyone helps me out so much. The next three races are all tracks I really like so hopefully I'll be back on the podium for them.” 



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