Riding the emotional roller coaster!

Team Green came into the final round of the ACU British Youth Nationals motocross championship with an outside chance of winning the big wheeled 85cc championship, so it was an exciting countdown to the weekend at Leuchars, Scotland.


Dylan Woodcock came into the final round lying third in the championship and was going all out for race wins to try and make it happen. His teammate in the big wheeled 85cc class, Jed Etchells was also keen to finish off the season strong even though he would be riding injured as he has done for the last few rounds of championship racing. Lewis Hall also wanted to finish off his championship in good form after shrugging off his shoulder injury and finish in the top five in his first year in the small wheeled class.


After a truly dramatic weekend of racing in the big wheeled class Dylan couldn't claw back the points to win the championship, largely through no fault of his own, and ended up fifth overall for the weekend and third in the championship. Jed toughed it out to finish sixth overall and seventh in the championship after his injury and big hit of lost points at Brookthorpe earlier in the season. Lewis rode really strong to storm through the pack from poor starts to finish fourth overall for fifth in the championship in the small wheeled class.


Jeff Perrett - Team Manager


"It's been the most dramatic weekend of our season, regarding Dylan anyway. He knew he had to just go for it and that's what he did. He had an amazing first moto coming from behind to get in front. He then made a small mistake and dropped down a couple of positions then he charged so hard to get back in the lead only to be taken out on the last lap by a back marker who had gone off the track and pulled back on to it without looking and cleaned him out! It was a bizarre situation really. Then in the second moto he was leading but thought Alexander Brown was racing him for the win when he was a several laps down and he crashed on the last lap trying to stop Zander going by. At that stage we though it the championship was over but then in the next moto Keenan Hird had a huge crash and broke his femur and the championship was wide open again. Dylan came off the start line in the next moto with a chance to win the championship and by the time he got to the first corner he was last with a misfiring bike and that was that. We tried to fix it but couldn't so we sent him back out to just circulate and get some points. He rode strong the next day on the spare bike but it was too little to late for him. 


"I was impressed by Jed's grit and determination. He shouldn't have ridden the remaining rounds since damaging his shoulder but he was so keen to finish this championship as high as he could. Clearly he hasn't been 100% and hasn't been able to push but he's given it his all. I think he needs to get off the bike now, get fixed up and then we can start preparations for 2015 where I'm confident he can be a solid championship contender. It's been a big first year on the team for Jed and a steep learning curve. He's a talented kid, no question. He nearly won the small wheeled championship the year before and you don't just lose that talent. He's had to adapt to a new team, new bike, new class and then he's unfortunately picked up injures for the first time in his career. We'll have a good off season and he'll be right at the sharp end again next year I'm sure.


Lewis was flying yet again, without wanting to sound like a scratched record it's just his starts that have cost him winning races or at least challenging for them more regularly this year. Like Jed's it's his first year on the team, on a new bike and in a new class so it's been a good learning year. He's so strong both physically and mentally for his age. He takes on board all the advice and I know with a winter of training and improvement both for him and us as team he's going to be a real contender for the small championship next year. His technique has improved so much throughout the year and he's getting much more confident on jumps and hard pack. Next year he'll be taller too, so that will help him off the starts. I'm really looking forward to working with them all over the winter. They'll be a little break and then we'll be getting to work for 2015 and we'll be bigger, better and stronger as a team. I'd just like to say a big get well to Keenan Hird too. He's such a nice kid and a fantastic rider and I'm truly gutted for him to lose the championship in that manner. All of the lads on Team Green have a lot of time for Keenan and they were gutted too. Also congratulations to Dexter Douglas on winning the big wheeled class and also Ben Clark in the small wheels. The racing all of these kids have produced this year has been outstanding, a real pleasure to watch….if only they were racing the same events at the pros, but don't get me started on that!!”


Dylan Woodcock #60 - Big Wheeled KX85


“I guess it just wasn't meant to be. I tried my hardest all year and if it wasn't for those unlucky DNF's I may have been going into the last round with the points lead. I had to go for it and it was going well in the first moto until the last lap when I got cleaned out by a back marker who wasn't even looking when he pulled back on to the track. The crash in the second moto was really annoying because I didn't know Zander was three or four laps down. I didn't see my pit board which was my bad but at the same time he shouldn't of been racing me like that really but it's one of those things I'll learn from. Then after Keenan got hurt and went out I still had a chance but bad luck struck again and the bike spluttered from the moment it went off the gate…I was so gutted and frustrated. We couldn't get it fixed so I just had to go back out and ride around for the rest of the race and watch Dexter and Brett (Pocock) ride by me and beat me in the race and the championship. I was so upset and angry but then I thought about what happened to my mate Keenan and how unlucky he was. I'm gutted for him, I think everyone is because nobody wants to see that happen or win like that. Congratulations to Dexter though, he rode strong and smart this weekend to win it.”


Jed Etchells #7 - Big Wheeled KX85


“That was really hard, There's just no real strength in my shoulder and it goes numb early in the race. I did my best and finished the series which is what I wanted to do. It's been so cool being on Team Green and I wanted to finish higher in my first year with the team but I've struggled a little with getting used to being on a team and then with the injury. Now I'm going to get my shoulder looked at and get fitter and stronger for 2015. I know a lot more about being on a team now and what it's like in the big wheeled class. I'm going to work so hard so I can get up there and hopefully race for wins next year and be on the podium. We're already making plans for training in the winter and improving the bike so once I'm 100% fit I can't wait to get started.”


Lewis Hall #9 - Small Wheeled KX85


“The track was really good and rough, I love it when it's like that. I had fun coming through the pack but I want to win and race with the guys at the front, by the time I get through the pack they are too far ahead at the front. I know my starts aren't good and that's the most important thing to get get better at. Hopefully I'll be able to touch the ground with both feet next year because I think that will help! I've loved my bike this year and it's good because I'm not moving up a class next year so we can start making it better and trying different things soon/ I'm looking forward to testing and training. I think we're all going to go to Spain and ride and train together with Jeff so that'll be cool, I'll be able to chase Jed and Lewis and that will help my speed. I'm really excited about being on Team Green for 2015. I've really enjoyed my first year with Kawasaki.”

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