Etchells excels 

It was another weekend, another couple of podiums and another overall win for Team Green Kawasaki UK at the round five of the MX Nationals at Hawkstone Park. It was up to Jed Etchells and Lewis Hall to fight for the team's honour this past weekend with Dylan Woodcock out for the rest of the season through injury and Joel Rizzi committing only to the Thor British Youth Nationals and Pirelli Masters series. Neither Jed or Lewis let anyone down with another awesome display of riding from the pair of them. 

Jed, who was coming off good race wins and a second overall two weeks prior at the British Youth Nationals (an event he was unlucky not to win due to a puncture) was full of confidence and it clearly showed as he powered to a controlled overall victory with two convincing race wins, a second and a third. Lewis powered to three brilliant wins and was totally dominant. It would've been four straight race wins, the overall win and the championship wrapped up if not for a mechanical issue that forced him out of race three pushing down to third overall for the weekend. 

Jeff Perrett - Team Manager

"It was yet another fantastic performance from the lads this weekend. I'm so pleased for Jed, I really am. It may come as surprise to some people to see him on top of the box and winning races like he has of late, but not to me. He's always had great technique, it's just been a case of finding that little bit of self belief. He's worked really hard and been dedicated to get that, on and off the bike, and he's been rewarded for his efforts. He's done himself, his parents and the team proud. I also know Lewis would pick up where he left off at Desertmartin. Hawkstone is circuit made for him or visa-versa. He shows his real talent, strength and determination on tracks like this and that's why I believe he'll go a long way in this sport. It's shame we had the small mechanical issue that stopped him winning the overall and the championship this weekend. He just needs one point at the final round to get the job done so fingers crossed he'll stay fit up until then and get the job done.” 

Jed Etchells - Big Wheeled KX85

"I love this place. It's a proper motocross track and really tough. I'm so pleased to win the overall and close in on the championship lead with one round to go. It's not going to be easy to try and over take Jack (Bintcliffe) and win it at the last round but if I keep riding like I am I'll have a shot at it. After all my bad luck at the start of the year I didn't really think I'd be in with a chance, but now I have I just have to go there and be confident like I was this weekend and give it my all. My fitness is good and getting better all the time, my bike is ripping and I'm feeling good. Hopefully I can go to the British Youth Nationals this weekend and win again and roll that on to the final MX Nationals.” 

Lewis Hall - Small Wheeld KX85

"It's a bit annoying that I didn't get the overall, win all four races and the championship. That's the first real bike problem I've had all year. I'll just go to Whitby for the last round and hopefully get the championship in the first race there, I just need one point. I loved it this weekend, the track was so good and it was awesome that they sent us all the way up the Hawkstone hill for the first time, that was sick. I feel good for FatCat next weekend for the final British Youth Nationals. I've got to hope for some real bad luck from the two riders in front of me to win that championship but there's no pressure on me, I can just go there and go for it with nothing to lose.” 
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