All part of the learning curve…

Team Green MX youngsters Dylan Woodcock and Lewis Hall both took plenty away from round two of the Maxxis British Motocross championship this past weekend at a fast and rough Lyng circuit just outside Norwich.

Both riders, who are having 'rookie' seasons after moving up classes, once again rode strong and solid, even if the results don't reflect it. Dylan went 18-14 for 15th overall in the super competitive MX2 pro class and was the leading 'rookie' for the weekend. Lewis Hall, who came into the weekend as championship leader in the MXY2 class had one of those days where it just didn't happen and left Lyng 13th overall and back to fifth in the championship.

Jeff Perrett - Team Manager

“Today I saw the learning curve get that little steeper for the lads. I thought they both rode really well. Dylan was physically in good shape in the motos and Lewis never quits and was also the strongest at the end of his second moto. Dylan is finding out just how intense the MX2 class is as he gets further up the field, and that's the real difference between MXY2 and pro racing. The first race he was pushing on pretty good after an okay start but then he slipped off and back from 18th to 25th, but what I liked is he battled back into the points and back to 18th and passed his 'rookie' competitors from 2017 on the way. Obviously I'm under no illusion that he's going to move into the pros and be banging out top 10's straight away, it's a really competitive class and probably the toughest depth of talent in the class for sometime. He got a great start in the second moto and ran seventh for two thirds of the race and that was great, but then the intensity caught up with him like I knew it would. You can be quick in training and race the stopwatch all you want but there's no substitute for being in the mix and the sharp end, you have to be in it to get used to it. He dropped places back to 14th over the last 10 minutes but he fought to the end. I'm pleased for him and proud of his performance, it's another positive step forward.

“Lewis just had one of those weekends. He topped qualifying, which once again showed what he's all about and his speed is unquestioned. He made a good start to the opening moto in second and by the end of the opening lap had got into the lead but then a few corners later tucked the front end, crashed and spun the bike right around and couldn't get back on it quickly due to on coming riders. In that one moment his whole day changed momentum. He went chasing it too hard after that and didn't relax enough and let the race come to him. He then had an incredible charge through the pack back up to eight, then overcooked it again and dropped back down to 16th. Again he charged through like no one else but with two laps to go going for 10th he crashed on the same corner as on the first lap and couldn't get the bike started and came in 19th. We spoke about what we needed to do in the second moto but he didn't get such a good start and just was outside of the top 10 on the opening lap when he got taken down by another rider. He crossed the line 22nd at the end of the opening lap and charged up to 6th and was closing so fast on the group in front of him. It was a great performance, he was unfortunate to be taken down, yet at the same time his second moto start put him in a position where that kind of stuff can happen so he'll learn from that. He definitely learned a lot today and that's good. Even I occasionally forget he's only 14 and racing young men who are 18, 19 and been on a 250 for a few years and riders who already have had a year or more in the class, so that puts some context on it.”

Dylan Woodcock #60 - KX250F

“I'm happy with how it went today. It's given me that bit extra now to kick on more because I know I can race for the top 10. That second moto was so intense, I don't think I took a breathe on the first two laps! I was thinking, 'right, I've got a good start here, I've got to go and make it count.' It's so fast and aggressive at the front end and I need to be up there more to get used to it, so I'll be practicing starts, starts and more starts to make sure I am. The next round is Canada Heights and that's one of my favourite tracks so I'm going to work hard and give everything I've got to be prepared for that. I just want to say thanks to my mechanic Kev too for all he's done. He's got to lay off the tools for a while and I wish him all the best. Thanks also to my dad, my trainer Bry Mac and all the team for all the support and advice, it's definitely making a difference,”

Lewis Hall #19 - KX250F

“I'm not happy with how it went today. It was all going well and then after that crash in the first moto I just couldn't find my rhythm and made stupid mistakes, I think I was just trying a bit too hard and riding a bit tense. We all spoke about it between motos and I went into that one feeling good, I wasn't thinking too much about the first moto. I didn't get the start like I did in the first, I think I was about 12th or something like that and wasn't panicking but then I got cleaned out by someone on a KTM on the first lap and was way down and thought 'oh here we go again' but I took a couple of deep breathes and stayed clam and just tried to find my lines and pull through. I could see third place not far in front of me on the last couple of laps but I ran out of time. You can't win them all I guess! I'll go away and work on it and I'm confident I'll get it back on track at Desertmartin, I know that track will suit me well.”