12 and 12

It was another dominating performance by Team Green Kawasaki's Lewis Hall at round three of the Michelin MX Nationals at Hawkstone Park this weekend. The recently turned 15 year old, took all four moto wins to make it 12 out of 12 for the series in his rookie year on the KX250F. His younger teammate Bobby Bruce also rode great, even if the sixth overall doesn't show it. Bobby couldn't quite dial his starts and had to work through the pack to sixth overall. Dylan Woodcock did not compete as he is working his way back to fitness after a broken foot. Fourth team member Kacey Hird was there to cheer the lads on as he awaits surgery on his ruptured ACL. 

Jeff Perrett - Team Manager“There's not much to say that hasn't already been said about Lewis' performances this year. He is focused, determined and keeping his eye on the prize. He works incredibly hard so he's getting the rewards. Of course we're only at the half way point of the Michelin MX Nationals so there's a long way to go and the championship is the main goal. Now we have to manage the pressure that is starting to creep in with people expecting him to go unbeaten in the championship for the whole series. If he does then that would be an incredible achievement, but if we start chasing that and thinking about it too much it will add pressure he doesn't need, so we'll just keep focused on each race as it comes. Needless to say, his confidence is high. 

“Although it might not show in his overall result I was yet again pleased and impressed with Bobby's riding and attitude. He didn't have the weekend he wanted but he kept grinding away. His speed is there to put him on the box and win races for sure, he just didn't execute his starts and it cost him. He had to push hard to get to the front early to try and stay with the leaders and he just over cooked it a couple of times. When he got a decent start he challenged for the win and got a second, and that's the difference. I keep reminding him it's a learning year in the class and he's one of the youngest out there, that's the reality of it. I have no doubts about his progression at all, the kid is very talented and driven and that will see him on top soon.” 

Lewis Hall - #19 KX250F“It was another good weekend. I had a lot of fun out there. The track was so rough with all the races that were on it over the weekend, but I love it like that. I didn't feel good in qualifying and had a problem with my front brake but managed to qualify third. I was annoyed at first, but then we all spoke about it and I realised there's no point getting too fired up because anywhere in the top five is good enough and I knew I had the speed and fitness to go out and win. So I went to the line really relaxed and just tried not to over ride and be too aggressive. I had a good battle with Keenan (Hird) for a few laps in the first moto, that was awesome and so much fun because we were going at it. After the first race win I felt so good and just didn't think about anything other than hitting all my lines and getting the power down smoothly and keep my momentum going. It feels good to win every race in the series so far. I'll try to win them all but I'm not going to think about doing that too much. I've got a great team behind me and I would like to thank everyone that helps me and all of the team sponsors because it makes such a difference.” 

Bobby Bruce - #579 KX85“I'm a bit gutted at the moment because sixth overall is not where I want to be, but I know my riding was okay. I qualifying second and felt good but I just couldn't seem to get off the concrete this time. I had some great starts at Lyng and that was off concrete but this time I spun up or just didn't get the grip. Then I had to really go for it on the first few laps. The first moto I came from 34th to 11th after crashing on the first lap, so that was okay. Then I got a fifth and second with average starts but then it all went wrong in the last one again. I got a rubbish start and then had a huge crash pushing too hard but got up and got back to 10th. I'm alright, I'm just a bit annoyed but that will fire me up to train hard and be ready for the next British Youth Nationals at Duns. I really like that track so I'll be going there confident because I know I have the speed to push for race wins.” 

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