Power for Glory - New 2016 KX450F


Victory is the only goal for Kawasaki in racing and the latest thoroughbred in the KX stable reflects this single minded focus with every facet of its sleek form.  The KX450F is adorned with the latest cutting-edge features for 2016, while retaining all the elements which have made Kawasaki the ultimate off-road brand for over 40 years.


With 32 AMA Supercross titles under its belt - more than any other manufacturer – the KX family has indisputably earned its bragging rights as creator of champions.  The newest incarnation of the KX450F has undergone significant weight reduction to engine and chassis, making it a seriously lightweight package for 2016.  The resultant sharper handling is complemented by a slimmer chassis and an even more powerful engine, further increasing the potential of this MX1 powerhouse which is now 3.4kg lighter than its predecessor.


However, weight reduction is only part of the host of changes made to Kawasaki's flagship off-roader.  The engine has been further enhanced by using technology developed for factory racers and the works-base bridged-box bottom piston is a unique Kawasaki feature used for the first time on a mass-production motocrosser on the 2010 KX450F.  Revisions to the cylinder head, intake valves, intake cam timing and exhaust system have all contributed to refining this carefully considered machine into a high-precision performance tool.


Top of the line electronics such as launch control, plug-and-play DFI couplers and the setting-adjustable ECU continue to fine-tune the KX450F's performance on any surface and in any conditions. And with the new optional hand-held KX FI Calibration Kit, every rider can have the same type of precision FI tuning as Kawasaki's works teams enjoy.  Moreover, the ergonomics are tailor-made for every rider with a four-position adjustable handlebar and  two-position adjustment options for footpegs. 


In addition to the remarkably slim and light chassis, the race-ready SFF-Air TAC suspension remains one of the key performance features of the mighty KX450F.  Special metals like titanium and alumite complement the lightweight aluminium construction for improved wear and low friction.  Large 49mm inner tubes contribute to rock-steady fork rigidity while the ultra-low friction characteristics deliver a plush, smooth action.  This premium suspension features a wide setting range which is easy to adjust for any "between-motos” tuning.


Oversized petal discs provide ample stopping power yet maintain the utmost controllability while a 270mm factory-style front disc not only looks the part, but performs tirelessly even when the finish line is still far on the horizon.


The 2016 KX450F sports a new factory-racer look with all-new minimalist bodywork.  The new design includes even slimmer radiator shrouds thanks to re-oriented radiators, a flatter seat and tank, and smooth seamless design facilitating a wide range of rider movement. 


Aggressive new bodywork makes the bike look more compact, a feature further enhanced by a factory-style design and graphics.  Black alumite rims, black fork guards and green highlights help maintain the instantly recognisable and distinctive Kawasaki identity. 


Finally, the factory style green alumite finish on the suspension adjusters and green finish on some of the engine trim add to the KX450F's high-performance image.  As for the colour choice, any rider worth their mettle knows that lime green is the only way to go.


In 2016 the race to the top will be as fierce as ever. 



The KX450F stands proud as leader in its class with superior performance on paper and on track, making no compromises. Delivering the Power for Glory, the new KX450F will undoubtedly be adding more victories to its trophy case in the coming season and offering Kawasaki riders the most thrilling ride of their lives.






To see the KX450F promotional video go to http://youtu.be/C_Rlyi4REeY


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